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Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts Today, I decided to try my hand at making butter tarts. It's cold and snowing outside, so this is a good moral booster. What's better then having fresh out of the oven warm Butter Tarts to enjoy with a nice glass of milk? I've never made these in the past, but googled and found an easy pie crust recipe you don't need to chill before you can use it, and another for the Butter Tart filling with Maple syrup! So with recipes in hand, I started.  I made the pie crust first. It was a bit more of a challenge as I didn't have my pastry cutter here (I had to literally cut the butter into the flour with a knife and fork,  it took me a lot longer to do it the old fashion way). I had to modify the Butter Tart filling recipe a bit because we didn't have have enough maple syrup, but it turned out delicious anyway. I was worried they would not turn out, but my husband declared them a HUGE success! So I'm pretty happy with my results. I'm not